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Reliable Electricians
Roxbury Energy Group specializes in residential and commercial services. Whether you need electrical or lightning protection, we get the job done right.
Flexible Services
We provide a thorough consultation to explain your available options. With that information, you can choose the scope of work that’s right for your home or business and for your budget.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We strive to save you both time and money by combining experience, high quality parts and equipment, and exceptional service. We will stick with the job until you are satisfied.


At Roxbury Energy Group, we pride ourselves by supplying our clients with the best solutions to their needs

swimming pool, life preserver, pool

Roxbury Energy Group works in a wide range of areas for pools and spas. We service and install many of the top brands such as Pentair, Hayward and Jandy to name a few.


Roxbury Energy Group and Alternate Energy and Electric work together to install generators, vertical lifts, residential elevators, mobile home power, and interior and exterior lighting.

lightning, clouds, thunderstorm
Lightning Protection

The lightning protection division works closely with Harger to design and install the proper protection for any client.

Vehicle Charging

We are certified to work with many companies including ChargePoint and Clipper Creek. Commercial or Industrial we will be installing the system to handle your car needs.


Marine Power

We install the lighting and marine pedestal power for any commercial marinas.   The residential homeowners have dock lighting, boat lifts and marine pedestals giving them the comfort of a marina right in their backyard.